“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”
- Winston Churchill


In short: More about us

Great Experience

Extensive Engineering, construction
and project management experience
acquired while working in Sweden.

Modern Software

3D modeling with Tekla Structures,
Dlubal, tailored BIM and Alto ERP
precast management software.


Management of manufacturing process
enables to set the highest quality standarts of project execution
and construction materials.


Highly skilled installation professionals
possess necessary qualifications and
required documentation for Swedish
construction and labor union institutions.


It has been a pleasure working with your guys. You did a great job with the Kristianstad C4 project.
Both team leaders have demonstrated good skills in assembly, leadership and good command of the English language.  

Christian Johnsson
AB Smidmek Eslöv

The delivery of elements by Malagris is always on time and the quality is the best I have ever seen.
For this reason we are happy to be able to cooperate with Malagris, both now and in the future.

Erik Lindén
Byggnadsfirman Otto Magnusson

Malagris is a company that keeps its promises and performs the job according to the documents. Not a single problem left unresolved.

Competent site managers and crew.

Robert Norlin
Crew supervisor
REKAB Entreprenad AB

We are pleased to have implemented ALTO ERP precast management system for Malagris. The system will allow the company to execute BIM principles in practice, creating seamless information flows between all the parties involved in the project execution. Malagris will utilize ALTO ERP also as the main platform for communication with external partners including manufacturers and logistics companies by integrating them in project work-flows, which will bring significant benefits for the overall business efficiency.

Arturs Seilis
Alto 4.0
Director of Business Development

It´s been a pleasure doing business with Malagris AB. Hope to work together in another project.

Tomas Agenberg
Peab Sverige AB