About us

MALAGRIS is a project management company providing engineering design and entire building frame construction including supply of necessary building materials.

We are a team of professional engineers and project management specialists with an extensive work experience as a building frame supplier operating in the Swedish market. We also have teams of skilled assembly specialists who perform installation work in Sweden.

Our exceptional focus on the working environment, safety, quality and latest software tools make us one of the leading construction and engineering companies specializing in the Swedish construction market.

Optimal budget and efficient project execution timeframe is our priority. Quality and security is a must. Positive customer feedback is a need.

We understand the importance of a sustainable future construction. Thus, quality of the working environment, self-control, risk assessment and economy is crucial to our company.

There is no need for us to emphasize that the members of our team have limitless access to all professional development tools, consultancy, additional health insurance and are continually provided with other benefits as these are industry standards nowadays.

We strive to create added value for our customers through consultation, analysis of tender documents in the native language of customers and engineering design. We look forward to becoming the first choice for our customers and their trustworthy partner.

We understand the benefits of a long-term partnership, thus we always keep up with the changing needs of our customers in order to ensure continuous and prosperous collaboration. 

We strive to provide added-value construction solutions through engineering design and meeting customer needs as well as fulfilling their expectations in terms of the environment and economic efficiency.

We use latest engineering software solutions, tailored BIM management software, effective construction solutions and quality building materials to focus on optimal project execution planning and coordination between multiple parties as well as on providing customers with the best result.