BIM Management

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based planning and management process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction professionals the tools necessary for more efficient design and planning.


1. Proposal

We start applying BIM in the early stage of the project, when modeling architecture based on the planned structure of the building. This helps reduce changes and uncertainties in later stages. We optimize construction and materials in early stages and verify these with our customer. Moreover, we get exact quantities of materials for precise commercial estimates.

2. Modeling and detailing

BIM tools enable us to streamline and coordinate collaboration and communication between our design teams and construction site workers. It helps us to avoid conflicts and clashes between different building parts like construction, ventilation and electricity.

3. Construction and supply chain

We at Malagris are proud to use the highly advanced precast management software AltoERP which is developed by ALTO 4.0. (

ALTOERP software enables us to

  • monitor engineering process;
  • define assembly resources and schedule construction;
  • plan and optimize production in accordance with the construction schedule;
  • plan logistics and optimally lay out production in the trailers in an automated way;
  • plan assembly, track execution and report on the status;
Customers are provided with an access to useful information allowing them to view the schedule, statuses and visualization of the process on a real time basis.